NAP-TIME! with Joanna Finch

Being around people and supercharged and riveting music HTTP//SAFE-TRADING.ORG.MY/ can be exhausting. Sensory overload needs a reboot!

Come sink into the floor and relax into an aural bath provided by sound healer Joanna Finch.  Relax, restore and reboot in this 45 minute communal nap time. Bring a blanket. Mats will be provided.


Open Hearted: An Ele-Mental community workshop exploring Grief and Loss, with facilitators Joanna Finch and Cheryl Newton.
How does Moaning Myrtle get through her pent up grief? How does Eyore express himself when he’s in a doleful state? The body’s wisdom finds ways to release and restore the mind and spirit to balance. Breathe….ahhhh…
We are here to listen and to share our time-tested methods to diffuse depression, fear and isolation from mental and emotional stressors. Come and sit in a talking/ voicing circle to share your words and let your heart do the talking.
Transformational Voice Artist Joanna Finch brings 30 years of performance and a lifetime of hilarious voice-work practises to this cathartic workshop. Youth and Family counsellor, life coach, NLP practitioner, Cheryl Newton brings her gentle, deep wisdom and compassion to her work with grief and loss groups. Together this dynamic duo provide a safe forum for all ages to find courage to move through grief and loss.


From the muddy swamps of Quadra island bequeaths this dreamy trio.  Three Sheets To The Wind is an acoustic collaboration of songwriters featuring Kristi Hawkes, Shandra Matson and Banjoe.  Presenting their stories through an array of delightfully crafted acoustic musical arrangements.  Together collectively creating a poetic and somber creation of sound and space.


Nasti Weather, true to her allusion, comes in many forms but you can usually hear her coming by the haunting heartfelt howls or those underbelly bellows backed by the simple strumming of her banjo and whoever takes the stage with her that day. Driven by a sound that might resemble jazz, rock, some kind of folk or the blues depending on the setting, song and company; her lyrics carry with them a catharsis, a well lit darkness and a little white flag you can wave to yourself.


In the early 70s, after the hippie wave broke and rolled back, guitar-wielding teenagers turned their amps to 11 and cranked out some of the thickest riffs that the world had ever heard. Unfortunately, after a few short years most of these bands broke up and faded into obscurity. Earslug is a trio from Cumberland playing a mixture of original songs and lesser known track s from this mostly forgotten era. It will be loud. Bring your earplugs.


The Butterfinger Bombsquad is a high energy Local rap duo, consisiting of Eric “the Rad” Ettinger, and Greg ‘Beyond” Chadwick. With over 35 years of combined experience on stage and a combined shoe size of 25, these fellas are ready, willing, and able to bring their witty lyrics and Boom bap beats to your very own doorstep. Having opened for 2live Crew, Chali 2na, Tech Nine, and many other impressive acts that don’t have numbers in their names, the Bombsquad is no stranger to bringing it when it needs to be brought. Whether it’s freaky festivals, or the local legend bar shows, The Butterfinger Bombsquad has what it takes to make sure no rug goes uncut!


Tanya Lipscomb, an award-winning, touring singer/song writer and mother of 3 developed a character named “Kiki the Eco Elf” in 2008.  “Kiki” is bright, colourful, silly and highly enthusiastic! 

She has released 3 independent children’s albums since 2010, performed at 100s of festivals and family events and has shared the stage/opened for Charlotte Diamond, Fred Penner, Splash n’ Boots and Bobs & Lolo.  

 It is her joy and passion to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainability as well as compassionate kindness, musical expression, creativity and joyful play.  She captures audiences with up-beat music, engaging the crowd to sing along, clap, stomp and dance.  Kiki involves young and old alike, with interactive games, magic illusions and story-telling and enthralls children (and the young at heart) with her larger than life stage presence, inspiring them to make positive, creative choices to better the world.

“Kiki the Eco Elf” delivered her first performance in the Spring of 2008, and since then has performed in schools, libraries, fairs, at Children’s festivals, music festivals and family events across Canada.  


A journey through Yang 2 Yin Yoga. Begin with a slow warm up accompanied by live music. Stretching our bodies through a short flow we move into a Mandala Yoga series to bring our Collective Vibration together. Next we channel deeper into a Yin practice while being surrounded with Sound Healing and Mantras. The class will finish with a meditation and a short circle. This class is for everyone and all levels!
Yoga Bio

Annie YinFlow is passionate about movement and balance. Annie has trained within many movement modalities including ballet, contact dance, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and much more. Annie brings together her 300h Karma Teacher Certificate, 50h Yin Certificate, Pranayama Training to the matt. A balance of looking inward while Annie holds space in a unique way that allows a deeper connection to body and spirit. As a professional musician, playing nationwide for the past 10 yrs, Annie combines music and movement to create a unique experience.



Daemon & Airdrie are an electronic “ghost pop” duo from BC, Canada who combine intensely emotional, interweaving vocal lines with relaxed, minimalbeats and sparse instrumentation to produce soundscapes that are as haunting as they are seductive. Choosing to abandon laptop-based production, the duo create and perform their material using samplers, live instruments and an arsenal of vintage gear, analog tape effects, spring verbs and dusty old tubes. The result? A unique sound that bridges earth and wire – a place where electricity meets and dances with the naked, human body